"The Nickel Shakespeare Girls captivated audiences better than anyone else performing at the Folger Shakespeare birthday celebration" 

-- Jim Bovard, award winning author and writer for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post



What We Do

Players for hire, a pair or trio of Girls will perform at your Faire, Festival, school or event. On the “street,” we approach patrons, ask them to name any Shakespeare play, (or they can spin the Wheel Of Shakespeare!) and perform right on the spot. Our street work and shows include clowning, choral work, stage combat, and acrobalance. We take special requests and enjoy an audience's effort to stump us. We play all day and perform anywhere.



Street Work


William Shakespeare’s words come alive for the young and old. Name any play written by Shakespeare and we will perform a selection: sometimes a fight, sometimes on our heads, sometimes delivered dramatically, but always with maximum energy and wild amounts of fun!

  • Shakespearean clowning
  • Choral delivery
  • Stage combat
  • Acro-balance
  • Story Theatre  


Video by Bill Brown.

Stage Shows


We offer a variety of stage shows that can be modified to meet your needs. Each show can fit into a fast paced 30-minute time slot, but 45 minutes is an ideal amount of time to savor the richness and fun of the Bard’s text. And we love having post-show Q and A sessions!

Our shows:

  • Pants & Poise: Meet many of Shakespeare’s leading ladies
  • All the World’s a Stage: Selections from the “greatest hits”
  • The Lunatic, the Lover & the Poet: Romance, infatuation and true love
  • Little Fooleries: Shakespeare’s clowns amuse and beguile
  • Complete Works: All 39 plays in about 35 minutes. Fast. Furious. Fun.

 Video by Seth Blum.

Corporate Events

We don't just perform at festivals or outdoor events! Another great thing about our act is that we can customize it to fit your needs, your guests and your space. Here are some options to consider:

  • Would you prefer to have us roaming the event and performing for small groups of people OR a stationary performance for a seated audience?
  • Is your event family friendly OR can material be PG-13 and suitable for a more adult audience?
  • Would you like drama, comedy OR both? Some of our stage shows have more dramatic elements and/or more traditional Shakespearean delivery. You tell us what you want - we are extremely versitile.
Video by Kino Mountain Productions, LLC (www.kinomountain.com).

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A Musical Number from Macbeth...

A video by Sarah Felmet of North Carolina!

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