"The Nickel Shakespeare Girls captivated audiences better than anyone else performing at the Folger Shakespeare birthday celebration" 

-- Jim Bovard, award winning author and writer for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post

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Awards we've won:

  • Winner of the 8th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2012 in the Best Street Performance category
  • Winner of the 7th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2011 in the Best Street Performance category
  • Winner of the 6th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2010 in the Best Street Performance category
  • Winner of the 5th Annual Renaissance Festival Awards 2009 in the Best Street Performance category
  • Grand Huzzah 2006 - Carolina Renaissance Festival
  • Guilde of St. George 2003 - North Carolina Renaissance Faire
  • Guilde of St. Andrew 2002 - North Carolina Renaissance Faire
  • Guilde of St. Andrew 2001 - North Carolina Renaissance Faire
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While I’m not the person who hired them, I’m the guy who wishes he HAD! Talk about accessible Shakespeare! Up to date, too, as the wondrous lasses. Also, include scenes from Shakespeare’s recently discovered ‘new’ play, Double Falsehood. While I work in the offices of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire during the week, on weekends I’m at either of my wife’s 2 shoppes, right out front, so I saw the Nickel Shakespeare Girls up close and personal for every weekend they were here in August/September 2010. One word describes them: awesome. And another: compelling. And…charming, witty, adorable. And more. We can’t wait ‘til they’re back here in 2011.

-- Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Patron


You take a turn down one of the bustling avenues at the Renaissance Festival, and a calamity appears before you. Three girls in ragamuffin street dress from another time assume a defensive football position against the oncoming crowd. “Hunchbacks!” one roars, “One! Two! Three!” Simultaneously, they drop their shoulderblades on one side and grunt, before assailing the onlookers, in 3-D: “Now is the winter of our discontent made summer by this glorious son of York!”

Read the complete review of Nickel Shakespeare Girls by Byron Woods of the Independent Weekly.



The Nickel Shakespeare Girls captivated audiences better than anyone else  performing at the Folger Shakespeare birthday celebration [April 27, 2008].  Their energy and savvy revved viewers of all ages. I hope Folger invites NSG back soon  - and that the performance on Sunday results in other DC area invites.

-- Jim Bovard, www.jimbovard.com



[T]he Nickel Shakespeare Girls are preparing to pounce. Three young women in calico knickers and green kerchiefs, they approach and ask customers to name any of Shakespeare’s plays. They proceed to perform a bit from that play while doing acrobatic stunts. Most patrons ask forHamlet or Romeo and Juliet.  Know-it-alls ask for King John or Timon of Athens. “Dueling Pucks” from A Midsummer Night’s Dream is a favorite routine, where two of them race to recite the speech the quickest, all while flying through the air or balanced on their heads. All of this for a nickel, or more: They even accept “paper money, although we don’t know what it’s for.”  Also by the code of the trouper: they perform in rain and wind and mud without complaint. In a downpour one day, when many patrons flee for shelter, they continue their handstands, they continue to recline on the wet ground to reenact, appropriately enough, a scene from The Tempest.

-- Renaissance Clan by Richard Butner



You've never seen Shakespeare like this before.  They're wild and wonderful.  Shakespeare like he never intended it to be because it's so much better than he ever did it!!

-- Hither Dither and Yon



Nickel Shakespeare Girls [are a troupe] whose rendition of full contact, cardio Shakespeare can best be described as getting a shotgun hit off a crack pipe (their stage act includes normal Shakespearian performances as well, just in case you wander by their stage and wonder what *I* was smoking when I wrote this).

-- Will Paisley, Pubmaster at the Virginia Renaissance Faire



Acrobatics, balancing, and flawless recitation of Shakespeare.

-- Travis Fesler,  Pickled Brothers


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